Failing Love and Mistrust.


We live in a generation where words are cheap and have lost their meanings; where promises only last as long as interests do; where emotions are ephemeral and only last as long as sexual pleasure can be attained.

I LOVE YOU.’ This generation has utterly diminished those three words. Words that used to be promises and assurance are nothing but blackmail, imply transient interest and/or mean sexual attraction; nothing more. Marriages failing, youths reportedly dying of and from heartbreak, and even killing of others are all results of the lies disguised as love.

Fortunately love isn’t completely gone. On rare occasions, love can be found in the most unexpected of places between the most unexpected of people. Situations like this are beautiful and divine. The problem becomes keeping this love ablaze. I’ve noticed people in the world can not stand to see someone happy when they aren’t or achieve what they haven’t. They begin to plan and do anything and everything to ruin this happiness that two people have created and found. This is where trust comes in. Trust is a very important factor in building and maintaining a relationship. There will always be challenges; that’s a fact of life but it’s up to you to decide whether or not you’re going to let that have effect on your relationship. Even if it has effects, let those effects be positive. Be like eggs that get harder when subjected to heat. Trusting one another is the only thing that’ll make this possible. When any relationship is based on a foundation of trust, it’ll be hard for just anyone or anything to bring that relationship crumbling. Even if you hear the worst of the other person, you’ll know how to handle the situation; you’ll know how to talk to each other.

Trust let’s you believe and see the best in each other which is why it is devastating when it’s broken. When someone decides to trust you blindly and wholeheartedly, breaking that trust is equivalent to telling that person that you’re a waste of time. Nowadays, relationships are based on the material or carnal pleasure that can be derived from the other party and so there are a lot of failures. And until this stops, the decline in love and relationship strength among people will continually worsen.

More trust. More love.

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