This guy is damn funny and rising fast to the top of comedians list. He once made it known of his intention in adding Dettol to his enemies soup and his fans were like “WHAT!!!”.

Akporo is a Stand-Up comedian who also diversifies and often delves into music.
2.. BOVI
Bovi Ugboma, who goes by the stage name Bovi has over the years aligned himself with other comedians as he climbs the comedy ladder in greatness.
The Benin City Born Comedian is known for popularizing the words Akpos in most of his jokes and just so you know.
Bovi is not just a comedian as many thought; he has been in the Nollywood Industry acting funny 30-mins plays before finally switching to Comedy full time.
I remember him cracking a joke on Basketmouth about God telling Basketmouth to “go to hell” on Judgement day.
Basketmouth was seen almost climbing the stage immediately with bottles to break his head.
If you don’t know who Basket Mouth is, then you are not in this great country of ours.
Well, many dubbed him the king of Comedy for his natural physics especially as a stand-up comedian and his frequent mini-movies in collaboration with other artiste, musicians and comedians alike. He’s a Glo Ambassador with a difference.
His real name is Bright Okpocha and he’s also won the heart of many other African nations like Ghana. He is also the preferred comedian to host any comedy show by a mile.

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