18+ Related story -ELLE(an hoe story)

My name is Elle and I’m practically irritated by people. We’re all just hypocrites. Yet, as much as people and their ways disgust me, I’m a sexual person. I love sexuality and everything related. I love getting sexual with one boy in particular; Stan. He apparently loves getting sexual with me too but commitment isn’t for us. We just screw around but all that exclusive care is something I can’t stand and neither can he.

Stan’s got an apartment not far away from mine. It’s not like we’re exclusive, but when he gets horny, he calls me. It’s always me first and only when I can’t do it will be think of someone else. Today, I went to see him. Normally, I’d touch myself in front of him and he’d jerk off to me and then he moves on to suck my boobs and we’d go an actual round of him fucking me. Hard. Stan loves boobs. My boobs especially. It’s not like my boobs are massive or whatever. They’re just okay sized but Stan can’t get enough of them. He manifested that today when I got to his place. Instead of our routine, he didn’t even let me get comfortable laying face up on his bed before releasing my breasts from the sports bra I was wearing. He pinched my nipples and then took the left one in his mouth. He twirled his tongue around the left one and simultaneously pinched the right nipple. I ran my hand through his hair and moaned loud. He was moved from one nipple to the other, pleasing me just as he always did. He started to trail kisses down my tummy down to my already dripping wet pussy. He trailed two fingers around my entrance before he finally pushed the finger in. I tugged at his hair and gasped. As sexual as I am, I don’t engage in much sexuality and that has left me very tight. He started to pump me with his fingers and put his face there and was licking my drip. He kept this up for a while making me moan his name and causing my eyes to roll to the back of my head. It was bliss. As always. I was so caught up in the pleasure that I didn’t know when he replaced his fingers with his big dick. I screamed. It was pain and pleasure at the same time and I loved it. I always fancied a bit of pain during put sessions. He started to thrust into me. Slow at first. Filling me up with his size. My moaning got louder and louder with every thrust. I urged him to go faster in between moans and he picked up the pace. He was slamming so hard into me and I got louder than I should be as I rode my orgaam. He kissed me to stifle my moans. I was panting. He stopped kissing me as soon as his dick started pulsing inside of me and he pulled out and released his seed on my tummy. I fell beside me and spooned me till we both fell asleep.

I left his house feeling very fulfilled tonight and it was wonderful.

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