She stared up at the stars,right through her window,it brought her back to the memory she had,when she made a wish,she never believed in it at first till the wish came true and now…she wasn’t regretting any shii…
“Hey b”he joined her looking hot as ever,with two glasses of wine
“It’s pretty out here”she said.
He smiled,”Sure,it is”he bent to watch the stars

“But not as pretty as you are”he continued.

She laughed,he had the habit of teasing her…yea,she was pretty but still… not that pretty
“I don’t believe you”she said.
“C’mon but why??”
“Because we both know that I ain’t pretty”
“Sometimes I find it hard that this is happening”she turned at him..”You are handsome, I’m ugly, it’s not like I doubt your love for me,I just…”

He sighed,if there was a way he would prove to her that he wasn’t interested in the looks,he would have done that… well, that’s the thought of everyone these days, everyone cares about the looks which shouldn’t be so..

He took away her wine and set aside as he did to his..”Come here b”he took her by the arm just to meet her eyes….

Then he drew her closer by her waist,there were closer than ever…the sound of their heartbeats were heard..
“Do you think I married you for your looks??”he said, not asking for an answer….”Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder,i really don’t care about your looks, what people find eww in you,I find it perfect”

Kylie wasn’t that pretty,she had those puffy eye balls, small nose, and all you’d imagine..she was damn rich but no one appreciated her looks…”you are the prettiest thing in the world”he dragged her closer making her feel e hardness of his God damn blessing…

He smiled, having the most prettiest eyes in the world,”I don’t care about your looks,I love you is all that matters”

She smiled, knowing what he craved for.. within seconds,he pecked her forehead, to get nose,to her lips then over to her neck, over and over that it got ticklish till she had to laugh it out..he was the most romantic being on Earth…

She didn’t care about looks, she had someone that made her feel the whole world and she gives Almighty the glory for that…..

Writer: @tatia_marz
Picture: @salvy_imagery

5 thoughts on “SHADE OF LOVE(A LOVE STORY)”
  1. Really brief and intuitive, however the plot seemed a bit confusing at first i.e. didnt get the impression that they were married, presented itself like they were in the first stages in the dating process.

    Would be fantastic if the ending had more elements of suspense hence making us want to know more on what could transpire next.

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