Phil_D (Eastside_voice) is a hip-hop artiste with mad lyrics. Dark, tall and soft spoken in speech. He is born in to the family of two great couple from the same local government Eziniihite in Imo State Nigeria in the middle 90’s. He was born and bred up in the popular town Coal City (042) Enugu State, where he attended both primary and secondary school education. He graduated from the College of the Immaculate Conception (CIC) Enugu in 2011 and gained admission into the University of Benin, Benin City Edo State the following year. He graduated with a second class upper division ( Ed Accounting, and served his country Nigeria from May 2017 to April 2018. Nwogu Theophilus Nnagozie who is known as Phil_D by his stage name is the 3rd son of his parents amongs four children of which the last born is a girl. He is naturally introverted in nature and fell in love with the Music Industry as a small boy of seven years. At that age in Coal Camp Enugu State, he was paid by his street older guys to rap the popular “get rich or die trying” album by 50cent of which the highlights from him are always In da Club, Many men, 21 question etc. Eastside_voice is a popular fan of 2pac amaru shakur at that age as he took after the nurturing of his eldest brother Geeman. He sang and rapped majority of his songs at that age and up till now with the wave of new talented foreign artistes still adores the stated two. He ventured into the Nigerian Music Industry while in the University after studying the deadly pairing of 2kings (Phyno and Olamide) homegrown pattern. He went back to rewrite the songs he wrote as a boy of seven to fit the taste of present day Nigeria and debuted his first single Imela in 2017. Ever since then, he has been an ever present young artiste in Nigeria with his unique style with a flavour of the aforementioned two and Zoro as people say.

His Thoughts on what is Music
I don’t believe in the school of thought that music is all about entertainment. Bringing out anything that has the capacity to make people happy. Music for me has three major highlight, entertainment, education and communication. Any song for me must have at least two of these to be termed a good song. Lyrics very important in writing a song and should educate the audience, chorus must communicate an information or entertain the audience.

It’s a little bit of a complicated question because there are many fine rappers out there that I look up to ranging from Phyno, Olamide, MI Abaga, Zoro, Reminisce etc. Let’s say I had to leave out foreign artistes but if it’s a must that I have to Mention a name, it’s certainly Phyno. As for what my music looks like, am a rapper and I feel sick when there is no rap verse on my song. So certainly am a hip-hop artiste that likes to communicate with my audience through my work.
The top notch artist he would like to feature and work with
Olamide, he has the grace of selling out any artiste he works with, another is Davido. They are all good and very talented.
The difficulties he face as an artist
In Nigeria where a graduate finds it difficult to get a payed job. Studio money might not all that be a problem based on the love to voice a content already created, but what next after making a good song? Promotion and video fees are the major problems for an upcoming artiste. Hit tracks by me that was greatly appreciated by the little audience they got to has remained stagnated due to money to promote them. Songs like Merriment and Anna would have defined Phil_D fully as an established artiste least not for adequate promotion. I think promotion that encompasses putting it on various airing media, blogs, dj mix etc are the greatest difficulties.
What makes phil_d very different from his pairs
The uniqueness of Phil_D is in his style and vocal. A blend of singing chorus and rap verse on every track. Phil_D is a lyrical genius with a little blend of punchline bars. Phil_D is clear, concise and easily heard when flowing on a beat. My uniqueness as a rapper is in work.

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