zola is a hip-hop artiste with mad lyrics and posses a unique way of singing. a dark,average tall and soft spoken in speech. he is born into the family of two great couple from the same local government in lagos state nigeria in the middle of 90’s. he was born and bred up in the popular town abule egba lagos state,where he attended both primary and secondary school education. he graduated from the college of lagos baptist senior school (lbsc) ile ipo abule egba college lagos state in 2016 and gain admission in the university of lagos state university. samuel oluwasegun joshua who is known as zola by his stage name,he’s the 3rd son of his parents amongst five children of which the last born is a girl. he is naturally introverted in nature and fell in love with the music industry as a small boy of five years. at that age i couldn’t do music because i was still under the influence of my parents, but when i got to college i started my music career by singing in the midst of my colleagues and i do some rap section during free period in college and start gaining small fans,anytime event is holding in the school premises fans do create a space for me to perform at that time i couldn’t do a track because no one was in support of my music career so as soon as i get into the university (lasu),then i saw me fellow artists performing on stage with their own music they did in studio then i was down because i had no one to support me with studio money then i started saving my food money just to go to the studio to record,so i released “asiko yato” in the year 2018 july  as my first track which means time to blow will come but we don’t know the time, and after some months i released a love song titled “baby ma lor” in the same year 2018 november then towards december period i reasoned there will be carnival party and i thought of something to do that people can dance shaku leg work to then i did “gbese”, a popular slang in nigerian west and my fans fell in love with the song and i gained little fame in the neighbourhood and in the campus (lasu), i started going for shows in the year 2018,my first show was in teslim balogun stadium  and from there i started going for several shows and get some fame but soonest i believe i will get to a stage where i get the kind of fame i want whereby the world will know about me
music is life to me,music is like a brand of my own  heroine,music is like a medicine i can’t stay away from,music tells what is actually going on in the world because it communicate an information or entertain the audience.

he picked olamide baddo” because he has been his role model since wen i was small and neighbours do call me olamide because i do play his rap songs  “reban abasha”, “ilefo illuminati” “eni duro” which i do flow with it and another is “davido” i love his styles he do use and also “wizkid” my man of sweet and attractive voice, “reekado banks” is someone i like because he’s creative in terms of song, “small doctor and slimcase” the reason why i love them is because of their slang they do use in terms of street slang
I’ve faces so many challenges on my music career,i started this hustle all alone and start borrowing money from friends just to release a track but most of them don’t wanna help but i didn’t quit from my hustle because no one was willing to provide my necessarily needs all because i have this strong passion for music and i believe soonest i will get to the top very soon

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  1. Unknown says:

    Nice, I feel you and feel how you standing out

  2. Unknown says:

    Gbayii omo iya mi

  3. Unknown says:

    Nice one!!!! Blood

  4. Unknown says:

    Keep d musical spirit moving

  5. Unknown says:

    Nice one bro keep it up

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