#Get Familiar : Jerime [An Artist]||@CallHimJerime


Jerime||@CallHimJerime is officially known as olawole Jeremiah. A young aspiring Boy who had a passion for music starting from the first day he heard the sound of music .he developed his passion by taking interest in poetry back then in school where he got the attention of this peers including the management of his school.

At 2019, he was opportune to join university where he had a passionate friend who was also his roommate where they both assisted each other to become professionals in music.

Right from then till now he has 3 tracks which would make “Aweda” his Forth Track If you listen to his songs, you would surely know he has brilliant songwriting skills where he got from poetry as stated earlier but he writes and compose romantic and emotional songs far better. With these skills he stands opportune than his mate because very few artists have such brilliant skills.

After dropping his three previous single his fans develop a major fact that he sounds like Joe boy but he quite better than him because he sounds better with genre than anyone artist in speculation

In support of good music, Let embrace “Jerime”||@CallhimJerime and give him a listening ear just like we give other artists we are currently listening to now !!!

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