How to be Next “Lee Min Ho”

we sincerely apologize to all those Boys who lost their girlfriend to popular Korean Actor “Lee Min Ho” we at ILovegistblog express our deep sympathy to You but do not worry as we have some hints to be the next Lee Min Ho. Read and pay full attention to become the next  “Lee Min Ho”

  1. Take Very Good Care of Yourself, Your Body should be your Top Priority
  2. Listen and Vibe to Foreign songs like this CLICK HERE
  3. Have More of White Clothes and Look very Smart …Note: You don’t have to Break the Bank 
  4. Watch More of Korea Movies and Talk About It to girls.
  5. Smile More often, Girls loves guys that Love Smile Too Much … Note: Do not do it too Much 
  6. Associate Yourself With Cute Guys more often
  7. Read Number One and Number Two again
  8. Change Your NickName to Something Fresh not Local
  9. Make use of Instagram More and Speak Good English
  10. Avoid Yoruba Films During this Tutorial


Hey There, Keep Working !!

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