“U & Me” By Kadens Emerges the Winner of May 2020 Competition

A competition was held on the 30th of May 2020. This Competition was put in place to encourage their fans to rage for them and to create very good engagement to their songs because their songs were attached to the competition post.  In the Competition 5 different participated to compete for the prize

The competition stats goes thus :

A. Kadens – You & Me  41.50% (3205 votes)

B. Mako and Kargo – Fire Dancer 30.48% (2354 votes)

C. jess x Vbyes – Look into My Eyes 6.19% (478 votes)

D.  Jerime – Aweda  1.06% (82 votes)

E. Zokey X Ursh – Body  20.77% (1604 votes)

Using the stats to Judge, Kadens wins with a Clear difference of votes to the Rest which Enables him to win the competition Comfortably well. To Appreciate His efforts the winner will be Given the following Prices :

1k Streams for Spotify

1k Streams to Audiomack

A Feature to Our Next Mixtape

Sponsored Ads on Instagram.


Hey There, Keep Working !!

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