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Ifeanyi Nnamdi Benjamin Popularly known as Nimduz||@Nimduz  has dropped a huge project “Somewhere in London”.We at ilovegistblog have gathered some questions you might need to know about this project.

Question:  what is your full name?

Answer – Ifeanyi Nnamdi Benjamin (NIMDUZ)

Question: The name of the Project, Its Format and what Inspired You?

Answer:  well the project comes in the format of the Ep which contains 6 songs including the Bonus which I dropped earlier. While I named the project “Somewhere in London” because I got inspired by my family, friends, the Ghetto my life, like things I’ve gone through in life including my environment.

Question: What makes you different from other Artist?

Answer: –  What Makes me different are basically my sound, my style and my story  which I revealed In the Ep

Do You Have a Favorite Track In the EP?

Answer I love all the single I composed but I Prefer No Love No Trust was Very Special to me

Question: Who did you feature in the Ep and why you choose them?

Answer: I featured Xtarface formerly known as barzcee And Afro Romeo because this guys are good and their sounds are different too plus we came up together and went through a lot.

Question: After dropping this project what next?

Answer: I think Going international

Question: What are some mistakes you made in the Ep and why you wouldn’t make such again?

Answer: I feel I’ve not fully told my story. My next project I’ll definitely do that.

You can Google Search “Somewhere In London by Nimduz”. It is Available Everywhere


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