#Get Familiar Segment withThatBrownGirl||@ThatBrownGirl

#Get Familiar Segment withThatBrownGirl||@ThatBrownGirl

Welcome to a Fresh episode of “Get Familiar Segment”  where We Catch the “Talented Young”. On this episode, we featured a fast-growing Model Known as “ThatbrownGirln”||@ThatBrownGirl where we asked different Questions to reveal her Personality

  Question: Introduce yourself to us?

Answer: My name is Chinonye Egwele ||@(thatbrowngirln). I’m a freelance model, host and brand influencer.

Question: How many years have you being to modelling?

Answer: I Officially Started Two Years Ago where i Took it seriously

Question: What makes you different from other models?

Answer: I feel everyone is unique, so I can’t say







 Question: What do You Think are the Requirements of Being a Model?

Answer: Be confident, know your worth and you are good to go

Question: What is your weakness as a model and what are you doing to improve on it?
Answer: I can’t think of any right now. I’m always working on self-development.

Question: What is your advice to the upcoming models?

Answer: If you are not comfortable with something, don’t do it. Don’t try to be like others. You are unique. Stay Solid!

Question: What is the risk you took becoming a model?

Answer: I haven’t taken any major risk so far.


Question: Who are the Photographers You will Love to work with?

Answer: Prince Meyson, Ty Bello and Image Faculty

Question: Are You a Spec?

Answer: Well Everyone is.

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