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All You need to know about #Upnext



#Upnext is a new segment in Ilovegistblog that gives the opportunity to discover new and fresh acts.

In this #upnext, our major focus will be mostly artist while get familiar will give chance to interview everyone worth interviewing. Lastly, the artist on this segment will be spilling some secrets you haven’t heard before.

Are you ready to discover new secrets from the fast-rising act? Stick to this segment and Anticipate!!

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Your Favourite Fast rising acts has nominated for artist of the year, Who are You Voting for?




This page comprises of talented artist with the highest downloads across different months in this year.

Kindly Vote for the artist you think deserves it more.

Note: You can Vote for as much you want as long you refresh the page.


This poll is no longer accepting votes

Who is Your Artist of the year?

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