Controversial On-air personality, Toke Makinwa has something to say about the male gender on this special day for men.

In her recent tweet on Twitter, she praised the men who take good care of their children while she took a swipe at the deadbeat or absentee Fathers who purposely ignore their responsibility as fathers’.

To justify these words, she said this about the Responsible men :

Happy Father’s Day to every man that not only answers to the title “Dad” but truly puts in the work to be called a Father. Your strength, dedication, drive and everything you give makes you even more amazing. Enjoy your day”

As regards the deadbeat or absentee Fathers.. this were her  words :

No respect for deadbeat or absentee Fathers (well unless you in the grave or at war), you have zero excuse, if you ain’t ready to father a child pls strap up and stop letting yourself down. The world needs more wholesome children, do the right thing

Do you think she was shading one of her ex-husbands?



Hey There, Keep Working !!

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